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ENA TS 97-1 Cable Sand

Our ENA TS 97-1 Cable Sand meets the required specification as per Appendix C for backfill...

ENA TS 97-1 Gravel

Our ENA TS 97-1 Gravel meets the required specification as per Appendix C and BS882 for backfill...

Gabion Stone

Gabion stone for use in Gabion baskets is a popular choice for ground stabilisation works,...

SUDS Permeable Paving Aggregate

SUDS Permeable Paving Aggregate, used for sub base, laying course and joint infill. Our products...

De-Icing Salt

Rock or marine salt for the de-icing of footpaths, roads, car parks and other similar...


Lightweight Aggregate

Lightweight Aggregate, made from fly ash, heated to 1100 degrees to form hard pellets. Use...

Pitching Stone

Pitching stone in millstone grit and other rock types, for use in moorland footpaths, embankment stabilisation/protection, flood alleviation,...

Rock Armour

Rock Armour

Rock Armour in our attractive Millstone Grit is used in construction for use in embankment ...

Rockery Millstone Grit

Buff-coloured Millstone Grit rockery pieces, from hand-sized to huge. Ideal to create features in landscaped...

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